About us

Who Are We?

The Housing Provider Technology Support program is a free service provided by BC Housing to assist both Non-Profit and Co-operative housing providers who have a funding agreement with BC Housing.  This assistance is meant to advance a Housing Providers technology needs that support operational and strategic goals.   We also manage a technology refurbishment program where BC Housing donates surplus technology resources to assist with computing needs within an organization.

Why Do We Exist?

With the non-profit and co-op housing sectors currently experiencing tremendous growth, some organizations need their technology to grow and support their mandate. 

Over the past 5 years, there has seen an increase in BC Housing consultations with non-profit housing providers regarding the state of their technology, including the following:

With current government commitments to increase the capacity of affordable housing in BC, many non-profit housing providers are poised for growth and their technology needs to grow with them.  On top of that, threats around CyberSecurity are increasing exponentially and imposing significant risk to the operations of Housing Providers.

What Do We Offer?

BC Housing, through the Housing Provider Technology Support Program, provides the following services:


  • VirtualCIO to help strategize how technology can help your society and risk management.
  • Assessment of your technology environment and CyberSecurity posture, help develop a path to move forward.
  • Technology and/or process implementation advice and sharing of experiences, including business continuity.
  • Advice to assist working through issues (significant events, performance).


  • CyberSecurity Awareness (event or on-site).
  • Office 365 (Office Suite, SharePoint, Teams).
  • Participation in various sector events including the provincial 2020 BCNPHA RENTs and CHF-BC training conferences.


  • Surplus BC Housing hardware assets, including PCs and Laptops, for donation.

If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us either directly (hptechbc@bchousing.org ) or through your regular BC Housing relationship contact.